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DC-Link capacitor for Automotive£®105°„C£©
Metallized polypropylene segmented film structure. Excellent electric property: Low ESL & Low ESR,Self-healing ,Long lifetime. Plastic case (UL94 V-0), filled with flame retardant epoxy resin.
Metallized high temperature film capacitor for Au°≠
Used in DC smoothing Capacitor for automotive applications (such as DC-DC convertor, OBC, WPT, etc.), Can be continuously worked at 125°ś. Used metallized segment film design, with good self-healing °≠
DC-Link Capacitor £®Dry-Type, Aluminum case, Mini°≠
C3B£®miniature version)  
Used in DC-Link circuits,can replace electrolytic capacitor Low ESR, high ripple current handling capabilities Low Ls Self-healing property Long lifetime Aluminum case£¨filled with resin
Snubber capacitor for high voltage, high current °≠
Ceramic lead-through Self-healing property Filled with oil Anti-explosion design, more safety Especially suitable for snubber circuits For high pulse and high frequency application
AC-filter capacitors (Oil-filled type, 250Vac~850°≠
The capacitors particularly suit for AC filter circuit in power electric equipment and UPS power unit. They have ability to withstand high harmonic current, peak current and peak voltage. Self-heali°≠
DC-Link Capacitor (Dry-Type,Plastic case,Temperat°≠
Used in DC-Link circuits(e.g used in the circuits of converter or inverter),Can replace electrolytic capacitor Low ESR, Can withstanding high r.m.s current High temperature range,Low ESL Self-heal°≠
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